equipment capable of dissolving unpleasant odors

What if we smelled good all the time? Even after a Savoyard fondue or a car trip with a smoking friend. FreshUp from Bosch helps to eliminate unwanted odors on all textiles.

Fresh Up… What is it?

It is a “textile freshener”. The portable device, which won the 2022 Public Prize for Innovation at the Paris trade fair, removes unpleasant odors from all textiles without chemicals. Even animal odors or musty odors. And it’s not just about clothes: FreshUp also treats the fabrics around us: mattresses, sofas, etc.

How does it work ?

A little chemistry to understand… What our sense of smell perceives is the result of chemical reactions. All matter around us is made up of atoms. In nature, we find simple bodies composed of only one kind of atom, such as oxygen, but most of the time matter consists of complex bodies, precise and structured assemblies of atoms: molecules.

Every smell comes from a molecule

A molecule can contain thousands of atoms, linked together by more or less strong chemical bonds. And every smell comes from a molecule. A brain is needed for a molecule to become an odor: “An odorous product that enters the nose becomes an odor only if it is detected by the olfactory mucosa. This carries nerve cells (neurons) that convert the chemical message into nerve impulses that the brain can interpret,” explains Romain Lamy, “category manager” at Bosch.

Plasma dissolves odor-causing molecules

What disrupts the chemical bond between atoms is the plasma, this fourth state of matter, next to the solid state, the liquid state, and the gas state. This is where FreshUp comes in. It generates this material charged with free electrons and deposits it on textiles. These electrons then dissolve the chemical bonds that cause the smell.

FreshUp from Bosch helps to eliminate unwanted odors on all textiles.

“Radical innovation in the market”

Romain Lamy, category manager at Bosch

Match in Paris. How did you come up with this odor-eliminating technology?
Romain Lamy. Our device uses a chemical process, plasma, the fourth state of matter, to break down odor-causing molecules. Plasma consists of electrons that dissolve the bonds of molecules and thus eliminate odors.

Refreshes textiles anywhere, anytime and without adding chemicals

What types of clothing does it work on?
The concept of use is key to this product. The benefit is discovered over time. On the road, on a trip, in the office… Regarding laundry care, it removes odors from wool, silk, all types of textiles, and reduces the frequency of washing.

What justifies the price?
It is a radical innovation on the market and currently a unique solution for refreshing textiles anywhere, anytime and without adding chemicals.

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