What did Queen Marie-Antoinette eat in the Conciergerie, her last prison?

AT THE TABLE OF KINGS – During the last two and a half months of her short existence, Queen Marie-Antoinette was imprisoned herself in the Conciergerie. What did she eat? Reply.

She knew the richly decorated tables of the palaces in Austria and then in France. But fate wanted Queen Marie-Antoinette to end her life in prison. And we can easily imagine that during his last solitary confinement in the Conciergerie – from August 2 to October 16, 1793 – his menus no longer resembled those served at the court of Versailles or during his private meals at the Trianon. . However, the historian Cécile Berly, in her work “Guillotinées”, recently published by Passés/Composés, states that Marie-Anne Richard, the wife of the prison warden, prepared fine meals for the widow Capet at the time.

Water from the spring in Ville-d’Avray

“Chocolate or coffee and rye bread are served in the morning around nine o’clock,” the author states. Then comes “dinner” around two in the afternoon and “dinner” around six in the evening. The wife of Louis XVI – executed at the beginning of the year – was then entitled to “hearty meals” with soup, meat – veal, chicken or duck -, pate, vegetables and fruit.

“According to the witnesses, the prisoner eats ‘with quite a gusto’,” points out Cécile Berly. As for the drink of Marie-Antoinette, who does not like wine, it consists of her “favorite water”. Which came from a source in Ville-d’Avray.

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