Miroki, the French robot who will conquer the world

It caused a sensation at the last CES trade show in Las Vegas. This 1.23-meter android, developed by French start-up Enchanted Tools, is supposed to live among us every day.

He doesn’t know how to do a somersault before. He is also unable to jump or run. But it will probably be a favorite of your work colleagues. The Miroki robot, designed by Jérôme Monceaux, attracted a lot of attention at the Las Vegas Technological Innovation Show (CES) in early January.

A figure with a fox head, designed less than a year ago by the young Parisian company Enchanted Tools, greeted hotel guests throughout the event. The goal was to show the abilities of this android: to move, talk, grab and move objects… Simple functions, of course, but necessary for development in society.

A robot designed to live among humans

Because according to its creator, to whom we owe the famous robots Pepper and Nao, Miroki was specially designed to live among humans. You can take him by the hand and move him very smoothly, thanks to the large ball that he stands on. He can also come to us if we call him. In addition, he is able to grasp a handle designed just for him. Imagine it in a hospital: Miroki could deliver trays of food to patients; would be able to push stretchers, open doors, bring medications, etc. Time-consuming logistical tasks for nursing staff, especially at night.

For now, the robot is still in the prototype stage. But the Enchanted Tools order book is already full. More than 500 Miroki will be delivered in 2025. Among the customers: Paris hospitals Pitié-Salpêtrière and Broca, research laboratories such as Inria or Isir, as well as universities, especially in Trento, Italy.

“He can communicate with people by looking them in the eye”

Jérôme Monceaux, CEO of Enchanted Tools

Match in Paris. Why did you give the character Miroki a playful form?
Jérôme Monceaux. You cannot make a robot to become a simple automated machine. We must assume a sensitive and artistic dimension. Otherwise we create monsters. So I wanted him to be able to communicate with people by looking them in the eye. It is the basis of social relations.

Will Miroki be able to enter our homes in the future?
Today, when robots are installed in work environments, they are coded by white-collar workers who make decisions about the organization. The workers have to endure them. We wanted to build Miroki to serve people in the industry.

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