Immerse yourself in the private life of Queen Marie-Antoinette and her favourites

ROYAL READING – Who were Queen Marie Antoinette’s favourites? Emmanuel de Valicourt answered this question in 2019 in a book now available in paperback.

Count Fersen, of course. But also the Duke of Lauzun, Count Esterhazy, Baron de Besenval and Count de Vaudreuil. These five men are forever associated with Queen Marie-Antoinette. It was with them that she liked to have fun, to have fun, far from the strictness of the court in Versailles. In his Trianon estate, where only his friends were allowed to stay.

But who were they really? This is the question that Emmanuel de Valicourt answered in 2019. This doctor of law and teacher, passionate about the history of society before the revolution, published on this date with Tallandier “The Queen’s Favorites. In the privacy of Marie-Antoinette. The book is now available in paperback (on sale from the beginning of March 2023 at a price of 11 euros).

Five favorites of Marie-Antoinette, but no lover according to the author

The 384-page work is divided into six chapters. The first is dedicated to Marie-Antoinette herself. The author explains the reasons that forced the wife of Louis XVI to surround herself with a handful of close friends, creating a “queen’s society” that never existed before her.

The following five discuss one of these favourites, painting his portraits and recounting his special bonds with the young woman. For Emmanuel de Valicourt, none of them—not even Fersen—was his lover. But they were the mirror she needed to look into in order to exist as a woman. Especially since his married life was very unhappy.

“The Queen’s Favorites. In the Intimacy of Marie-Antoinette”, by Emmanuel de Valicourt

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