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In 2009, Withings was one of the first to offer a connected scale. Pretty basic. Necessarily. Today, the brand is so convinced of the fundamental development of its latest model that it now calls it a “health station”.

Because the Withings Body Scan doesn’t just measure our weight, it goes much further. Especially thanks to the handle equipped with sensors that produce a medical six-lead electrocardiogram. When the best connected watch settles for just one…

The device scans our body in 3D

With its high-precision sensors, it also offers a complete analysis of our body composition. Within seconds, the scale will reveal our fat, muscle and bone mass and water percentage. Not to mention its real innovation: its ability to scan our body in 3D.

In fact, an application connected to the station allows access to a three-dimensional model of our silhouette. Thanks to this, we can follow developments with unsurpassed precision. For better or for worse… In addition, the Withings Body Scan has location tracking. By analyzing the distribution of our weight on each foot, it tells us whether it is balanced or not.

For hypochondriacs, a subscription is possible for 10 euros per month with physical maintenance programs, so that the results on the Body Scan appear more in line with their expectations…

“Understand What Happens in Our Body”

Chris Froome, four-time Tour de France winner and Withings ambassador

Match in Paris. What do you use connected devices for?
Chris Froome. For us runners, it is important to monitor different aspects of our body. For my part, I pay very special attention to monitoring my weight, hydration and heart rate, but also my sleep quality. The world of cycling has evolved a lot. All the technologies developed help us prepare for our races and the information we collect through the use of various devices allows us to track, history and the basis for a real understanding of what is happening in our body.

How do you use Withings products?
Before I became one of their ambassadors, I was their user. I was looking for a device that would go beyond weighing. I saw that Withings offers body composition analysis and bought my first scale to track body fat, muscle mass and water percentage. Since then, I have continued to use this brand’s products on a daily basis.

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