the end of account sharing arrives earlier than expected

Author: Boris S

There will be water among Netflix customers The streaming platform wants to end account sharing earlier than expected.

After a checkered 2022, Netflix has regained color in recent months. First, thanks to the widely recognized content (Wednesday, Sandman, etc.) Then thanks to the restructuring of their subscriptions. If features, including the “Surprise Me” option, disappeared from the platform, the new formulas allowed the streaming giant to rebalance its accounts. The €5.99 Essential Netflix package, available since last November, provides access to “ a wide selection of series and movies, a personalized experience, access to Netflix on most TVs and mobile devices and the ability to change or cancel your plan at any time » against reduced video quality (720p), inability to download programs and advertising sequences 4 to 5 minutes per hour.

Netflix is ​​tightening the screws again and risks angering its more than 230 million subscribers. Especially with those who have subscribed to a subscription allowing four profiles on the same account for 17.99 euros per month… And who do not necessarily live in the same household! In short, Ted Sarandos’ company is losing money and it’s not going to stop there. Its shareholders recently received news in the mail that would make its subscribers look bad: “In the first quarter, we launched paid sharing in four countries and we are satisfied with the results. We expect a broad rollout in the second quarter, including in the United States. » In the testing phase in several Latin American countries, but also in Canada, Spain, Portugal and New Zealand, the system could arrive in France around June…

How much will you have to pay to share your Netflix account?

Netflix will not strictly prohibit account sharing. It will always be possible to add new users provided you increase your subscription by a few more euros. Currently, prices vary by country. In Canada and New Zealand, you need to add $7.99 per person per month to your plan to benefit from it. Portugal set its price at 3.99 euros, two euros less than in Spain. What sauce will we eat with French subscribers? To be continued!

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