Mister V Gets Sanctioned From Twitter (Sabrina)

By Romain Charp

The social network Twitter is currently experiencing a real revolution. Certified accounts have lost their rare logo. Big change for big verified accounts like Mister V.

It’s a change that’s revolutionizing the world of tweeters that happened on April 21st. Indeed, verified accounts have lost their rare logo. This important brand that brought some credibility in the world of the famous blue social network. To have a certified account from now on, you must subscribe to the paid Twitter Blue plan. This is one of the new devices introduced by Elon Musk.

On the platform we can read that this formula was introduced for a purposeput everyone on the same levelfight against fake profiles and also diversify the company’s sources of income ». Not everyone agrees with this statement. To access this recent certification, you have to pay a modest amount of 9.6 to 11 euros per month. The price is higher for companies. Currently, less than 5% of 407,000 accounts have earned the free badge subscribed to Twitter Blueaccording to 20 minutes.

Personalities stripped of their blue badge

From Thursday, April 20, the social network started remove blue badges accounts to which they have been credited based on their past notoriety. You had to subscribe to the Twitter Blue offer to keep them. Beyoncé, Stephen King, Donald Trump, as well as many celebrities therefore have they lost their certification.

This is also the case for large media or similar accounts WorldFrance Diplomacy, or even a celebrity account YouTuber Mr. V, In France. The latter also highlighted the disappearance of his blue sticker on Twitter on the same day. “I’m more certified, you bastards, what do you know…”so specified the cameraman who will provide the dubbing of the Autobots from Mirage in the movie Transformers Rise of the Beasts (to be discovered in cinemas on June 7). So it’s a page that turns on Twitter for many subscribers. Now we have to play the game set by Elon Musk to stand out from the crowd on social media.

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