this new feature that will change your life

By Romain Charp

In order to best satisfy its subscribers and improve their user experience, the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform has just added a new feature. It’s composed by?

In the world of streaming, if the catalog offered by the platform is important, easy to use is also. Amazon Prime Video has led the way by completely overhauling its interface, often criticized by subscribers. Home page, as well as a catalog of available programs on the VOD platform, therefore it underwent a change a few months ago. To enhance the experience of streaming enthusiasts, Prime Video he made the change again in the size.

It’s really not unusual for viewers have difficulty grasping the dialogue of movies, series or other programs during browsing sessions. The solution is to turn up the volume. However, it is sometimes too loud when the soundtrack or sounds associated with a chase or action scene arrive. To solve this problem, Prime Video now offers a Dialogue Boost option. This feature makes it possible to distinguish dialogues exchanged during movies and series without being drowned out by related sounds.

Improving the user experience for subscribers: the main goal

This was explained by the representatives of the platform this technology uses artificial intelligence (AI). This identifies passages where the sounds interfere with the sounds made during the dialogue. Artificial intelligence increases the volume of voices during these passages. However, it must be the user who activates the Boost Dialog option. To do this, you need to enter the sound and subtitles menu, select an option and also its intensity level (low, medium, high).

According to Raf Soltanovic, Vice President of Technology, this new feature was added to promote inclusivitythereby improving the use of the platform by as many users as possible. “At Prime Video, it’s our commitment to create an inclusive, fair and enjoyable streaming experience for all our customers. Our library of audio-described and subtitled content continues to grow. And by leveraging our technological capabilities to create new innovations like Dialogue Boost, we’re taking the next step forward. to create a more accessible streaming experience“, declared k Technical crisis.

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