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This update provides access to new features of Samsung’s star app. However, some people may be affected.This is the announcement that many Samsung users have been waiting for. The company has confirmed a very specific update for the Android 13. Affected app? Galaxy Enhance-X which offers around ten artificial intelligence photo editing tools. The latter are particularly powerful and amazed many users when they were released in 2022. Among them, Internet users could count on the improvement of dynamic range (HDR) and exposure, adjustable from 0 to 5, as well as the functions of blur correction, portrait enhancement, image sharpness and glare removal. The app also allowed enhancements in image resolution for photos smaller than one megapixel, allowing multiply the quality by four. Real performance!

However, frustration is finally on the side of Samsung Galaxy users. While the previous version was compatible with all the brand’s smartphones, this new version is currently exclusive to the range’s smartphones Galaxy S23. Until now, the app has never been updated for One UI 5, based on Android 13. So this version 1.0.55 fixes any bugs while limiting the number of smartphones that can access it. Samsung explained the reason for this limitation. She indicated that “AI image processing requires a complex computer processing and requires top hardware performance“. Awesome reasoning, as the app’s features have generally remained the same between the old app and the new app. New version.

Samsung Galaxy is causing frustration among its users with this announcement

However, Samsung promises that Enhance-X should “Soon” to be available to users of smartphones from the Galaxy S22 series as well as the very popular Galaxy A. However, the South Korean manufacturer did not specify which generations it would affect. For this new version of the app two new functions were added. Users now have the ability to remove shadows from the image, as well as correct the distortion caused by the photo sensor lenses, especially on ultra-wide-angle modules. These options are always automatically usable by the AI ​​through a button”Magic». Patience is therefore essential for many Samsung users…

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