this disturbing controversy that has been doing rounds on the web

joy? On May 19, 2022, US media Hard Drive reported that Nintendo had intending to remove all female characters (Peach, Daisy et al.) from Mario Kart 8. The reason for this decision was the fact that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund recently bought 5% of Nintendo’s shares, making it the fifth largest shareholder. companies. An announcement that quickly went viral and shocked some netizens.

Effectively, the latter would be scandalous… if true. Because yes, the Hard Drive site, like Gorafi in France, is a satirical medium known for sharing false information (often too big for the public to believe). Only this time it looks like he’s fallen for a few netizens. If Saudi Arabia really invested 5% of the capital in the gaming company, Mario Kart players will still be able to compete with female characters on the circuits.

Mario Kart: when fake news is inspired by reality

However, these hard-drive organized fake news are far from innocent. The media made a barely veiled allusion to the historical context in Saudi Arabia, where women are only allowed to drive from 2018. It was Prince Mohammed Ben Salman who lifted the ban in September 2017, before the law came into effect on June 24, 2018. Saudi Arabia was, as he recalled 20 minutesthe very last country in the world where women weren’t allowed to drive…hence the little kick in the anthill sent by Hard Drive.

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