This TikTok trend is causing several deaths, but what does it consist of?

The Benadryl Challenge trend, lost on TikTok among beauty tutorials and more or less elaborate choreos, is seriously worrying the authorities because it has devastating effects on many teenagers.The Benadryl Challenge is creating havoc on TikTok

This is the new trend to avoid on TikTok! Like all social networks, the mobile platform faces certain challenges. Understand that on TikTok we can find everything from humorous sequences to singing samples, including a number of more or less questionable challenges. While some remain harmless, others have proven to be particularly dangerous, especially because of this that they reach a young and inexperienced public who are not always aware of the dangers to which they are exposed. Among the latest trends that authorities are warning about is the Benadryl Challenge trend. Does the bell ring? The challenge is ingesting large amounts of antihistamines, which are drugs used to treat allergies and insomnia. Should we remember, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, that taking medication is not a practice to be taken lightly?

Tickers interested in this trend would search for “hallucinogenic effects“, at your own risk. Literally, ever since two teenagers died as a result of this recall in the United States, where Benadryl is available over the counter. “It was too much for his body” the father of one of the victims told ABC News. As a reminder, the recommended dose of antihistamines is one tablet per day for, but the challenge calls for participants to take 12 to 14 pills in one dose.

Labello Challenge, Blackout challenge… these dangerous challenges on TikTok

Dangerous challenges affecting young audiences have existed since the dawn of time; we think in particular of the famous “scarf game”, promoted since the late 90s, but since the advent of social networks, and especially TikTok, where information circulates at lightning speed, without parental supervision, dangerous trends seem to increase drastically. Labello challenge, Blackout challenge, Bright eye challenge, Tide Pod Challenge… We can’t count anymore unconscious challenges which in recent years threaten the health of the young generation. conclusion? Take care of yourself.

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