this historical record will soon be broken by the console

Author: Ludovic Collet

The PS5 has been available again since the beginning of the year and the Japanese firm is seeing record sales.

We recently announced the end of the shortage PS5. Since 2020, it has been really difficult to get the latest console from the manufacturer Sony. The reason? Major supply problem due to shortage of components during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, himself announced a quick resumption of console production. And he didn’t lie. Today it turns out that the sales of the console are extraordinary. Even completely exploded counters. There are no more waiting list and Sony can finally enjoy the success of its PS5. It is optimal inventory followed by very well thought out marketing that makes this revival a success.

Packages in particular affect sales. Like the one with the last game Final Fantasy XVI which explodes on the canvas. But it was a colossal success regardless Hogwarts heritage, the highly anticipated open world inspired by the Harry Potter universe. Fans of the renowned film franchise grabbed the console and the game to experience their own epics in Wart. Result: turnover in the amount 24.5 billion euros ! A record for a large Japanese company. Additionally, there was a 30% increase compared to 2021 and early 2022. Between April 2022 and March 2023, the PS5 sold over 19 million copies. Sales of the console continue to reach new heights in the future.

PS5: on the way to a new board?

The shortage is gone and the numbers are skyrocketing. The latest game console has significantly increased its sales. The manufacturer actually published the numbers of sold consoles. We are talking about 366,982 units passed in just a few weeks compared to 65,772 consoles in February 2022. That’s an increase of 457%. Astronomical figure. And it’s the PS5 version with the bundle Hogwarts heritagewhich was of course the best seller with 36,958 copies, closely followed by that of Wild heart with 26,905 pieces. It is also the first time a Japanese company has beaten its competitor Nintendo. At the same time, the Switch was sold for 221,021 copies. The PS5 is on its way away from the sales of the PS4, which has outsold 117.2 million. Further from new technologies come as a controller able to reproduce sensations of heat and cold. Will players be sensitive to this news? Will the PS5 overtake its big sister? To be continued…

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