In Le Mans, street artist Romain Froquet signs a new giant abstract and solar fresco

The work covers the entire facade of a building in the city. It will light up the space of the station with its warm colors.

After creating monumental works for Le Printemps Haussman in Paris, urban artist Romain Froquet built his paint cans in Le Mans. His work, 17 meters high and 14 meters wide, is part of the city’s promotion approach.

Muralism created from social bonds

It is a ray of sunshine in the heart of a neighborhood dominated by gray buildings. As is often the case, Romain Froquet was inspired by what surrounds his work. “The old stone is very present in Le Mans. I also felt this connection with the earth. Which gives this very earthy ochre-red-yellow shade. And then I wanted to do something solar.” explains Romain Froquet. The artist, who expresses his art both in galleries and on the street, primarily seeks connection with the public when creating outdoors. “We see people observing, taking pictures, discussing. We feel that it speaks to us. In muralism, I think that’s important. It’s not necessarily that we like it or that we don’t like it. Something is happening. “ reports.

Abstract, urban art and ethnic influences

Romain Froquet was born in Lyon and is self-taught. This 40-year-old, who has been painting for more than twenty years, has managed to establish himself in the world of street art. In 2017, the Paris town hall at Les Halles entrusted him with the decoration of the outdoor multi-sports field. 400 m2 of floor space with ultra-design arabesques where shades of blue, yellow and orange coexist.

Playground of the Nelson Mandela Garden in Paris, decorated by Romain Froquet (France 3 Pays de la Loire)

His talent is also regularly challenged by the famous Parisian department store Le Printemps Haussman. In 2015, Romain Froquet painted two frescoes on the ceiling of 2on floor. In 2021, he and two other urban artists decorated a new sales space dedicated to second-hand clothing. His style, which mixes abstract, urban and tribal art, appeals to street art lovers as well as gallerists and exhibition curators. From Moscow to Geneva, via Madrid or Houston, his works are regularly exhibited.

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