this announcement is driving the netizens crazy with rage

Author: Francois R

This latest update to the Netflix platform will make people who want to keep their wallets safe unhappy. Explanation…

Netflix account sharing is over! Yes, yes, you’ve been hearing about it for months, but that’s it, that’s it now official, you can no longer share your Netflix with your grandmother 20 km from home or your friends on the other side of France. We are taking inventory of this update.

In fact, this Tuesday, May 23, 2023, is to be sadly marked with a white stone. A date that places a tombstone on the account sharing of a famous legal and paid streaming platform. From now on, French Netflix users can only share their account for free with members of their household. Understand: only with devices connected at the same location. No more usernames and passwords passed under the guise of SMS to SMS… And no sharing of series and other documents!

Netflix: paid add-on or paid transfer

So from now on, if you want to share your Netflix account with a third party who isn’t part of your family (or your roommate), you’ll need either “profile transfer” or “for a fee”. Two options that are inevitable paid. In the first case, you can now transfer your Netflix profile to the person who wants it, and they will pay a new subscription out of your own pocket. In the latter case, you can now share your Netflix account with someone who doesn’t live under your roof for an extra fee €5 99 per month. “Bamboche is over!” as the other said during the global pandemic associated with COVID-19.

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