how will the platform track squatters with accounts?

The ax fell on “dead blows”. Netflix now forbids sharing your account with someone living outside your household unless you pay an extra six euros a month.

This measure, which was implemented a few months ago in Spain, resulted in the withdrawal of several hundred subscribers. And looking at what the end of account sharing entails, it begs the question whether it was the financial aspect… or the technical aspect that put them off.

One wifi connection per account

In announcing the end of account sharing, Netflix redefined its concept of “home” and insisted on the fact that all people connected to the same account must live together, understand under the same roof. Because from now on, the platform connects every subscription to an internet box.

The American giant has (almost) formidable information for this: the IP address of our electronic devices. This is a unique identification number assigned to each device using the Internet and which is defined in particular by the identity of the network to which the device is connected.

In short, Netflix can know if devices are connected to the same wifi network (or not). Also, all devices connected to your account (computer, smartphone, tablet) will now have to connect to the wifi network that the platform regularly connects you to. The platform initially talked about at least once every 31 days before pulling back.

However, the platform wanted to reassure its subscribers by explaining that it did not use their geolocation data.

No more Netflix at work or in your second home?

People who are used to using Netflix on their TV in their second home, on their professional computer or elsewhere can rest assured. The platform said “that if the app detects two frequently used Wi-Fi networks, they may be connected to the same household”.

Likewise, it will always be possible to occasionally connect to your Netflix account on the go. The platform primarily aims to target people who share accounts in bulk, sometimes without knowing each other.

And for those who were used to sharing an account without living in the same household, there are only two options left: pay an extra 5.99 euros per month or take out their own subscription.

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