this global warming that has already marked history

Current warming must also be considered in the light of climate changes that have disrupted human history since the Paleolithic, essayist Olivier Postel-Vinay analyzes.

This article is taken from History of Figaro “At the Sources of Western Civilization”. Find in this issue a special treatise on everything we owe to Greek and Roman antiquity.

“At the Sources of Western Civilization.”
History of Le Figaro

The author is mainly journalist and essayist Olivier Postel-Vinay Climactic comedy. How to get angry as a family about global warming (JC Lattès, 2015), and Sapiens and climate. A very twisted story (Les Presses de la Cité, 2022).

After a dry summer, a dry winter: our country is once again facing a drought that is not for nothing described as exceptional. Not without reason, but what exception are we talking about? Let’s go back in time. The current drought is the most intense the country has experienced since the mid-20th century.E century “, we read in the good press with supporting expert opinions. In fact, in the 20th century, France experiencedE century three periods of great drought: in 1976 (precipitation deficit worse than in 2022), in 1948-1949…

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