In Saint-Brieuc, the city walls take on color with the first Shake Art Festival dedicated to urban cultures

A new street art festival was created in Saint-Brieuc. Until June 25, around fifteen French and international street artists are working on the city walls. On the program of this first Shake Art Festival: a photo exhibition, meetings and concerts.

The capital of Costa Rica welcomes a brand new gathering dedicated to urban cultures and bringing together different disciplines from art, music, dance, but also photography and skateboarding. A new meeting that connects these different worlds.

2000 aerosol cans

The Shake Art Festival invited around fifteen renowned French and foreign graffiti artists to its first year, who create their monumental works live on the facades of buildings and structures. After the end of the festival, a total of 1,800 m2 of frescoes will remain in place. Among these artists, Parisian graffiti artist Horor signs a huge cormorant in full color, usually preferring black and white.

When we see walls that are a bit gray and sad, we always want to leave our mark, express ourselves. Today we are lucky enough to invest big supports in the heart of the places where people live (…) Here I thought that the cormorant is quite well positioned and that it brings a bit of cheerfulness, light and life, sometimes a sad place to live“, says the artist.

Dee Nasty on stage

On the program of the Shake Art Festival, BMX, roller skates, skateboarding and street basketball for the more sporty, but also a replay on two walls of the Europe district, exhibitions The Spirit of Rock by photographer Philippe Hamon, presented in Paris in 2018. On the musical side, several concerts and DJ sets are planned. Among them a hip hop legend in France: Dee Nasty, who will be on stage this Saturday night from 11:30 p.m. He will be preceded by DJ Blaize, DJ Celar, Deadi and Swift Guad.

The Shake Art Festival will end on Sunday in Saint-Brieuc, but will continue on the coast, in Binic, from July 20 to 23 Karavan’ Shake Art Binic. Three artists then cover more than 400 m2 of the facades of the seaside resort with their works, artists from Touraine Madame, Brestois Wen2 and Belgian Spear. Three days of live painting including meetings, introductory workshops and concerts.

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