Pets connected, owners reassured

The all-wheel-drive Rocki is a companion for cats or small to medium-sized dogs. The integrated 360-degree rotating camera gives you real-time images of your pet staying at home.

is he depressed he is bored? You can communicate with it remotely from your smartphone app. Thanks to fifteen treat slots, the robot offers the option of releasing rewards on demand. It can move in all directions and pass through doors and carpets. Its mechanical arm is equipped with a laser pointer, that famous red dot that some animals love and can be controlled remotely. During your lunch break at the office, you can now check if everything is okay at home and play with your pet for a while. Price: 200 euros.


Controlling your dog’s weight also means ensuring his well-being. This connected bowl allows for remote feeding, but don’t panic if the connection breaks, it continues to do its job. It serves up to ten meals a day based on dry food, and each meal can be served in twenty portions if the animal’s diet requires fragmentation for health reasons.

Tuya Smart Feeder.

Thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone, you can communicate with your ward by recording a message that will be played each time the food is distributed. Small rituals that make your relationship strong will be preserved even in your absence. Price: 212.99 euros.


Worldwide, one in ten dogs gets heart disease. The Invoxia smart collar, which already combines GPS functions and data tracking aimed at monitoring the dog’s health, offers new functionality with Heartprint technology, its heart signature. How? Thanks to embedded sensors that process the data and transcribe the results in the form of a diagram to your smartphone.

Smart dog collar Invoxia
Smart dog collar Invoxia

A revolutionary tool that prevents possible heart attacks by detecting the animal’s tonus level, stress or arrhythmia. The app collects data and issues the dog’s health card. Which you can share with your vet in one click. Price: 149 euros (+ minimum subscription 8.80 euros/month)

These tools allow us to better understand our animals

DR THIERRY BEDOSSA, Veterinarian, Behavioral Physician, SPA Manager, Founding President of Ava (Acting for Animal Lives)

Match in Paris. As a veterinarian, what do you think about the specific effectiveness of these combined items?
Dr. Thierry Bedossa.
I believe in them wholeheartedly and look forward to seeing as many owners as possible use them. I have also been working with entrepreneurs and engineers for several years on the development of such objects. I personally developed the Herding Cat collar for cats with the start-up Blackfoot. These technological tools allow us to better understand our animals, to better understand their daily quality of life and to correct it if it is not optimal. They detect the symptoms of the disease much earlier and more reliably, much better than owners who “only” inform the veterinarian about their observations.

Does the “health” function of linked collars really save time when rescuing a dog?
Unfortunately, not yet when it comes to measuring the heart. The only scientifically proven device for detecting changes in heart rate and rhythm in dogs is a device that is very difficult to use, the holter. The Invoxia collar is indeed on the market, as is the Whistle in Anglo-Saxon countries, and we can undoubtedly trust the companies that market it, but none of them have been scientifically verified by the community of ethologists and veterinary researchers.

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