In Savoy, the Museum of Cave Bears reopens its doors with an impressive new room

In Entremont-le-Vieux (Savoie), the Museum of Cave Bears reopens its doors after nine months of work. The space has been expanded, modernized and offers a new exhibition room and completely new scenography.

The Museum of Cave Bears in Savoy has undergone a change. After after nine months of work and an investment of almost a million euros, the expanded and modernized museum reopens to the public. For almost 20 years now, the site has been dedicated to this species that disappeared almost 25,000 years ago: the cave bear.

Cave Bear Museum

Cave Bear Museum – (France 3 Alpes: J. Gueant / M. Quemener / T. Huynh)
If the museum could see the light of day, then it is thanks to the discovery of the Balme cave in Collomb in Chartreuse. In 1988, two cavers found thousands of cave bear bones. A gold mine for paleontologists, some of whose finds are now on display in a museum.

Reconstructed cave

The big new thing in the museum is an immersive room where you can feel like you are in a real cave with little lighting and rock walls. In this cave we will discover Collombine, this three meter tall and 600 kilo bear, as well as her life told through the seasons.

By creating this immersive room, the museum wanted to create an interactive and fun way to share knowledge. “The idea was to be in the shoes of a researcher, we discover a cave and bears. And we ask ourselves questions: what were they doing here? what did they eat And thanks to archaeological science, we will be able to discover what we know about cave bears today.” tell Pierre-Yves Guillot, scenographer.

Complete revision

For Stéphanie Vérollet, head of the Museum of Cave Bears, this work enabled a complete transformation: “The municipality wanted to give the museum a new impetus both by expanding the premises, because we have an exhibition room that is now 50 m2, an entertainment room that will allow us to welcome the school audience and a redesign of the scenography.

Since the reopening, a somewhat unconventional temporary exhibition has also been installed. “Welcome to Prehistos” invites the public to discover the daily life and especially the diet of Prehistos, an imaginary prehistoric family. It can be discovered until June 12, 2024.

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