The “Art On Train” festival in Doubs highlights street art on trains

For five years now, graffiti artists from all over the world have put down their suitcases for a weekend in Touillon-et-Loutelet (Doubs), for the Art On Train festival.

The 5th year of the Art On Train festival took place in the countryside, in the location of Fontaine Ronde (Doubs). On this occasion, about ten artists came from all over Europe to let their imaginations run wild and bring old Coni’fer cars back to life. The Coni’fer, formerly an international Paris-Milan line, is now a tourist steam train that connects Pontarlier with Vallorbe in Switzerland.

Art Festival on the Train

This festival was created by Ludovic OIivo, a graffiti artist from Lausanne. Each year, he selects about 10 street artists from almost 200 to 300 applications. “Graffiti artists and railway companies are usually enemies. But here we see that we can implement joint projects. It’s almost a call from the SNCF to give us more carriages“, jokes Ludovic Olivo, festival organizer.

Trains and graffiti: an old story

Painting on trains legally is an idea that makes graffiti artists dream. Graffiti on railcars really started in the 1960s and 1970s in the New York subway. In France, especially in Paris, this practice also took off in the late 1990s and quickly became a festival in the city among graffiti artists.

It’s doing well in the industry because it’s the only festival that takes place on trains, and trains are a special medium for graffiti artists. There’s a whole history of graffiti that starts with train vandals, so it’s nice to be able to do a train in three days.”says Kogaone, a painter from Metz.

Rennes-based artist Aéro depicted graffiti artists painting trains on a carriage.  (France 3 Franche-Comté: M. Candel; G. Soudat; P. Corne)

This symbolic support also inspired Aéro, an artist from Rennes: “For a long time I wanted to do a mission en abyme graffiti artists painting trains on a wagon. vsSure, the basis of graffiti is painting on trains, on rolling wheels. Mo I started with graffiti in 1997 and step by step I developed towards illustration, today I focus more on photorealism, I just kept my favorite tool, the aerosol can.

The festival allows us to give a facelift to the wagons stored there and above all to offer an original canvas for these French and foreign artists. The result can be admired on the railway between Pontarlier and Métabief.

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