Ten lives for society

They gave everything for society, even their lives. In this vast pantheon of progressive activists, one cannot help but think of Louis Michel, an integral figure of the Commune, or, more recently, of Labor Minister Ambroise Croizat, a former worker who founded Social Security with Pierre Laroque. When they die, thousands of grateful citizens rush to follow their coffins, first through the streets of Marseille and second to Père-Lachaise in Paris.

But we also wanted to shine a new light on these pioneers, such as Gracchus Babeuf, Flora Tristan, Louis Blanc or Clara Zetkin, who fought for the promotion of workers’ rights, shortening their working hours and improving their working conditions. This is clearly the fate of several trade union figures such as Victor Griffuelhes or Eugène Descamps, but also lesser-known women such as Jeanne Bouvier or Madeleine Tribolati, who had to fight both against employers and within their own organizations to establish gender equality.

Discover the unique fate of these ten women and men who left an indelible mark on the history of social revolutions.

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