In Toulouse, the street artist Maye immerses us in his dream universe with Jeux d’enfants

It is a return to childhood that Maye from Sète offers us with her exhibition Children’s Games. Le Garage, an urban art space in Toulouse, gave him carte blanche. This understated and perfectionist street artist presents two years of studio work and monumental installations until October 15.

Maye is a Sète artist who touches everything. This lover of hip-hop culture is passionate about drawing. Acrylic, aerosol spray, brush, pen, so many techniques that no longer hold any secrets for him. When creating his pastel-colored works, he draws inspiration from nature and tells stories. “I had a very good childhood. There was no social media so it was a different approach. We were much more connected to nature and I wanted to represent it.”

Maye also likes to play with memories of our childhood: the wooden train, the many toys that invaded our rooms or the imaginary characters of our dreams. With the exhibition “Children’s Games”, the artist offers immersion in a dreamy and poetic world. Explains” Children’s games why? Because I worked on this exhibition with the sensitivity and spontaneity that a child can have.“.

An early passion

Because it was at the age of 14 that Maye started doing graffiti. Within 10 years, he went from the wall to the canvas, sometimes even with complex works where every detail is important. His unique style is recognizable at first glance: a phantasmagoric universe, populated by out-of-proportion creatures, with edgy and slender curves, which he drew from surrealism, comics and pop culture. In 2016, his work was noticed by a Paris gallery. Since his first exhibition, Maye has seen his popularity rise.

A stunning success

Today, collectors collect his paintings. As sophisticated as he is discreet, the artist is considered a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail. And if he admits to hiding his face under a bob and dark glasses, it’s because his work matters more than he does. “He is a bit of an alien in the world of urban art. He is a young talent who blossomed 6 years ago here in Toulouse. Today it is reaching a level where there is more pressure on the market. Whether in these works in detail or in this exhibition with these monumental installations, the level is always higher” explains Loïc Mondé, graffiti artist from Toulouse and co-manager of “Garage”.

The Children’s Play exhibition can be seen at the Garage in Toulouse until October 15. It will be the last of the ephemeral cultural sites – which will soon close their doors.

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