The PSIH group and the Collective Thinking start-up will merge to form Ospi

PSIH Group and Collective Thinking announced on September 26th their merger into the same entity called “Ospi”. Jean-Baptiste Angeloglou, CEO of PSIH Group, becomes CEO of Ospi and Vincent Susplugas, CEO of Collective Thinking, becomes its Deputy CEO. Together, they want to become “a major player in hospital data and AI in health.”

Additional activities

The activities of the two companies complement each other, Jean-Baptiste Angeloglou and Vincent Susplugas explain Digital factory. “The PSIH Group offers solutions that help hospitals use their data, especially structured dataexplains the CEO. It has 22,000 customers.“With the acquisition of IDS in September 2019, the company offers a healthcare data hosting service based on”two own data centers and a third managed by Jaguar Network“.”So it is a sovereign solution“, Judge Jean-Baptiste Angeloglou.

For its part, Collective Thinking is “specializes in artificial intelligence in real data analysis“, explains Vincent Susplugas. It is about “all data created during hospitalization: hospital, operative and imaging reports, biological data and prescriptions“.

evolved”a platform composed of about ten artificial intelligences that enable clinical understanding of patients in about a hundred milliseconds to a few seconds for the most complex onesThis information then enables clinical research, medical coding and improving the quality and pathway of patient care. This platform is currently used in almost 110 public and private healthcare facilities in France, Switzerland and Germany.

A portfolio of 1000 hospitals

Through the merger, the companies now have a client portfolio of 1,000 public and private hospitals in France, including 25 university hospitals, 13 oncology centers and 108 regional hospital groups. They employ around 100 staff shared between Paris and Lyon. Ospi generates a turnover of almost 15 million euros with a presence in France, Germany, Switzerland and Canada.

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