Sentiers des Arts in Charente-Maritime combine street art and heritage

The seven towns in the Royan agglomeration host around twenty monumental and ephemeral works. An open-air exhibition that invites you to discover both the world of the exhibited artists and the landscape of this region.

This is an unmissable autumn event on the Royan coast. Municipalities open their territory to urban art for ten years. In addition, 11E edition, eighteen artists worked on the theme “Reflection or mirage”.

An old railway station converted into an abandoned factory

This year, Sentiers des Arts offers seven artistic stops in three territories. 22 works were created for this new edition. The town of Cozes is the most corrupted with ten creations on display. Parisian artist Katre took over an old village station to transform it into an abandoned factory over the course of four days. The graffiti artist spray painted a series of metal rods on one of the walls using a perspective technique. The illusion is perfect. “It mixes my industrial, graphic and graffiti universe with this wall, which is already a story in itself” Katre explains.

Work in progress by artist Katre (France 3 Poitou-Charentes)

The theme “Reflection or image” is common to all artists, but each expresses it in its own way. La Rochelle artist Florence Durey, who defines herself as an artist of words, presented two installations. The first can be read on asphalt. While wandering around the city, you may discover this text: “You believe in gentleness. Because where else would we have hope to live?”. “Makes people think, be gentle, talk about important things” deciphers the artist. His main work is in the Cozes Halls. On white cloths that hang from the frame of the building like drying clothes, the public discovers dozens of prose above their heads. Poetry that makes you think about the concept of memory. “What about family secrets? Do they hinder us in our lives? Do we need to discover them so we can leave them in the past and move forward? That’s why this installation invites us to clean up.” specified by the artist.

Creation of Florence Durey (France 3 Poitou-Charentes)

Reconnecting man with nature

The aim of Sentiers des Arts is to promote the natural and architectural environment through the works on display. Some creations go even further by blending into the landscape. The installation of Erwan Sit, an artist from the Hautes-Alpes, does not particularly stand out in the landscape of Arces-sur-Gironde. His giant bird has its place in a green environment a few meters from the church. Inside this absorbing structure, he installed a sphere filled with water. “All light rays coming from above pass through the center of the sphere and project downwards where we can see the sky” explains Erwan Sito. “We don’t just come to see something, but to experience something, to be interested in the plight of birds.” he adds. The connection between man and nature through art is the purpose of these art trails, whose public attendance has been steadily increasing over the years.

11E edition of Sentiers des Arts – 7 municipalities in the Royan agglomeration: Cozes, Arces-sur-Gironde, Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde, Saint-Sorlin-de-Conac, Braud and Saint-Louis, Cartel├Ęgue, Saint-Aubin-de-Blaye – Until November 19 , 2023

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