The wooden bike is becoming trendy

This growing trend between craftsmanship and sustainable mobility redefines our relationship with the bicycle by combining aesthetics, ecology and riding comfort.

For a long time, wood was neglected in bicycle construction, replaced by steel, then aluminum and carbon. But thanks to the success of the “gravel” (universal, halfway between a road bike and a mountain bike) and the “vélotaf” (a means of transport to work, etc.), the wooden bike is enjoying a growing interest. , popular with townspeople concerned about their environmental impact.

Young companies such as Hexagone Bikes, Zafi Cycles, Cycles Vène, Sila or Viet Bamboo Bike highlight the advantages of this natural material and venture into this niche. Now they offer models with an elegant design, with an ash, oak or bamboo frame.

Price 2,200 to 2,800 EUR for the top model

Because in addition to aesthetics, these woods offer useful technical properties. They are machined by hand or CNC machines to produce frames with clean lines, and their natural properties do the rest. The fibers absorb shocks and provide real comfort. In particular, the ash makes it possible to get a sensitive wheel that filters the unevenness of the road. Durable and dampens vibrations, it offers an ideal combination.

80% lower CO2 emissions compared to aluminum ones

Fans interested in the environment praise its ecological side with the use of local raw material. Companies source their supplies locally, from local forests. A guarantee of traceability and a low carbon footprint, which is up to fifteen times lower than that of aluminium. For the most passionate, it is now possible to pedal without leaving home thanks to a wooden exercise bike. And to incorporate an otherwise unattractive object into the decor, provided of course you have parquet floors…

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