Refurbished: a popular solution

Adapting to the challenges of the climate emergency and taking care of your finances at the same time is possible with the help of refurbished goods. Extending the life of electronic devices is becoming a reflex for more and more French people.

The refurbished market has been experiencing real growth in recent years. Buying a new phone uses the same amount of energy as using an existing phone for 10 years: we quickly understand the good points of a refurbished phone, both from an environmental and financial point of view., a French platform specializing in refurbished electronic products, offers verified and certified devices to its customers. The aim is to offer a phone in good working order, but also to reduce the environmental impact of high-tech products by giving a second life to those that already exist.

Expansion of refurbished

The repair market has seen significant growth in recent years. A 2022 Kantar study tells us that 37% of French people have decided to buy a second-hand smartphone. In 2021, according to the Counterpoint Research Institute, there will be a 15% increase worldwide. Refurbished products are on the rise, for both environmental and financial reasons. According to ADEME (the Agency for Environmental Transition), refurbished smartphones sell for up to 75% less than new ones, depending on their condition or model.

Buying refurbished gives you access to quality equipment at a lower price. The products are completely refurbished; So it is primarily an aesthetic point of view, which can vary.

Since 2015, has been one of the leading players in the repair market. Their phones are tested and certified by technical experts, such as the iPhone 11 64GB Black, currently on sale for €330.99.

Strong values ​​to differentiate yourself

Yoann Valensi and Laure Cohen, founders of Certideal, created the platform based on their personal experiences. Disappointed with the used smartphones and tablets they received, they wanted to focus on product reliability through in-depth testing before launching. The demand for quality is the central point of the company’s approach, the goal is that there are no more unpleasant surprises when taking over the product. The platform acts as a single intermediary between the buyer and the seller.

The company has been certified “responsible recycling” according to the American standard R2:2013 as well as the environmental management standard ISO 14001. These certifications are based solely on volunteerism and are proof of a strong commitment to the planet.

Certideal was also selected to join the French Tech 120 program initiated by the government. Its goal is to support start-ups with the potential to become world-class technology leaders.

Strict approval process

Certideal boasts extensive quality control so that every phone received meets consumer expectations: low price should not mean average quality!

The approval process takes place in three stages. First, verify: make sure the data has been wiped, the device is unlocked, or it hasn’t been reported stolen. Then comes the time of the test to confirm the good operating condition of the device. Experts examine around thirty control points: battery charge capacity, button controls, connections, speakers, 4G compatibility with different operators, etc. Finally, validation is the gradation of the phone to confirm the homogeneity of the aesthetics of the products put on the market.

Certification guarantees

Phones refurbished by Certideal come with a 24-month warranty. They are collected from different operators and had only one owner before their renovation. They are then all checked to guarantee the same functionality as new products. Preservation of the planet, but also the wallet, these are the promises of refurbished products. In order to offer the best possible service, the company positions itself as a professional repairer and seller. So the sales process is supervised, secure and seamless, so the customer experience is as good as possible and the purchase is made with complete confidence.

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