Marie Bonaparte told by the granddaughter of what was her most beautiful love story

ROYAL READING – Nonconformist princess Marie Bonaparte is the subject of a new biography. Which is signed by Valérie Troisier, the granddaughter of the doctor who was her lover for no less than 25 years.

She was the daughter of Roland, the grandson of Lucien Bonaparte, one of the brothers of Emperor Napoleon I. And Marie-Félix Blanc, the daughter of the wealthy founder of the Monte-Carlo Casino and the Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco, but she died when she was only a month old. The unhappy wife of Prince George of Greece and Denmark, she had many lovers, while he preferred his uncle, Prince Valdemar of Denmark, with whom he had a romantic relationship of more than 50 years.

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A patient, student and friend of Sigmund Freud, whom she consulted in his search for female pleasure, she fought for the introduction of his work in France and financed the exile of the famous Austrian psychoanalyst from Vienna to London to escape the Nazis. The life of Marie Bonaparte is a true novel that is revealed from the pen of Valérie Troisier.

25 years of secret romance with her childhood friend’s husband

This journalist and documentary film producer has just released “Marie Bonaparte. The Conquest of Pleasure” published by Tallandier. A 352-page biography that hides nothing of his numerous affairs and especially the secret one that lasted 25 years with a certain Jean Troisier. Which was none other than the author’s grandfather, while her grandmother was Marie’s childhood friend.

“She held me when I was a year old. She died when I was two. Needless to say, I barely knew her. And that this gesture is completely insufficient to embark on the story of the life of this flamboyant character,” writes Valérie Troisier in the introduction to her book. She finally did. With brio.

“Marie Bonaparte. The Conquest of Pleasure” by Valérie Troisier

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