What if August 10, 1792 did not happen as it has always been said?

ROYAL READING – Devote a 300-page book to a single day of the French Revolution. That was the bet of Clément Weiss, who had just published “10. August 1792: the defeat of the monarchy”.

August 10, 1792 went down in history as one of the most decisive dates of the French Revolution. After the capture of the Tuileries that day, Louis XVI and his family were imprisoned. And we know the rest… But the facts that happened like this for more than two centuries on this day that marked the end of the constitutional monarchy?

Considering that this year 10.8 1792 did not reveal all its secrets and we ultimately knew “little, if anything, although we had to settle for legend”, collaborator and doctor of history Clément Weiss looked at the sources almost “exclusively at first hand, most of them have never been exhumed .

The battles told hour by hour

Based on these archives, this specialist in the military history of the counter-revolution, who teaches preparatory classes, published in October 2023 “10. August 1792: The Defeat of the Monarchy” at Passés/Composés. The event is described “from the eye level, from the side of defenders and attackers”, it is emphasized in the presentation of this 304-page work (on sale for 22 euros). ” As close as possible to the fighting, he recounts hour by hour the movements of both camps, the weapons used, the blows struck, and concludes: the rewriting of this event by the royalists made it the last defense. the aristocracy is running out of breath,” he added.

“10. August 1792: The Defeat of the Monarchy”, Clément Weiss

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