When the iPhone shows off your souvenir photos

The “I Remember You” exhibition highlighted the works of five renowned photographers, all captured with the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In conjunction with the annual Paris Photo exhibition held in the capital, “I Remember You” brought together the photographs of five international artists at the Espace Corderie in the Marais. The photographs signed by Malin Fezehai, Karl Hab, Vivien Liu, Mika Ninagawa and Stefan Ruiz have a unifying theme: a memory – in English I Remember you – anchored in nostalgia. Instead of their traditional camera, photographers used Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro Max to capture life’s moments, portraits, immortalize nature, freeze a view or capture the light reflecting off a monument.

Preserve the precious moment

Each photograph appears to be an attempt to preserve moments as everyone wishes to remember them. The prints consider the importance of perspective and the intimate emotions that images hold. Isolde Brielmaier, Deputy Director of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York and Visiting Curator of the International Center of Photography, organized this exhibition in collaboration with Apple.

Photo taken by Mika Ninagawa's iPhone.

An event that draws attention to the growing importance of the iPhone as a tool in the field of visual arts. “Making and sharing images is important for creative expression and is also a form of communication,” explains Brielmaier. “This exhibition asks what it means to remember and think about who you are in the context of the people, places and things around you,” he concludes.

“I remember you”, 10 and 11 November 2023 at Espace Corderie, 14 Rue de la Corderie, 75003 Paris.

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