Apple, IBM, Disney… Advertisers are fleeing the X social network after Elon Musk’s comments

Elon Musk passes along conspiracy theories, but also anti-Semitic statements. He publicly endorsed the report, which claimed that “ Jews promote hatred of white people “. Big groups no longer want to buy advertising space from Adrien-Guillaume Padovan’s platform, which is already in deep financial trouble.

Can X, formerly Twitter, do without advertisers? Companies are fleeing the platform: IBM, Apple, Disney and Warner Bros suspended all their advertising after this online publication of the American billionaire.

These departures raise questions about the company’s viability. A year before her takeover, in 2021, her turnover depended largely on advertising revenue. These have since halved, resulting in a 40% drop in turnover.

Although the company launched a paid version, it did not replenish the cash register. This caused users and advertisers to desert, especially due to the lack of moderation, which was reduced to nothing after the Tesla boss took over. Brands don’t trust him anymore. They no longer want their names to be associated with xenophobic speech, false information and pro-Nazi content. This is what the non-governmental organization Media Matters of America points out in its new report published at the beginning of the week.

Elon Musk announces that he is filing a complaint against this organization that specializes in fighting disinformation. He sees this relationship as “ fraudulent and deceptive attack “.

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