Unemployment: why the government is targeting the elderly

At 59, Philippe 1 he has a good mood to give away and an irresistible phlegm. However, Bruno Le Maire’s latest outings have tested his pacifism. “When I hear a politician who lives on a monthly salary of €10,000 suggest that unemployed people like me are treated too well, I want to slap myself. he says. Last year I received €1,400 per year as Pôle emploi compensation, I am well aware that it costs the state a crazy amount of money! »

On November 23, Philippe laughed when he heard the Minister of the Economy state on France Info that he did not fully understand why seniors benefit from a longer duration of compensation than other beneficiaries – today private employment can be compensated for 22.5 months between the ages of 53 and 54 and 27 months if over 55 (compared to 18 months for a younger unemployed person). “I see no reason why there should be a longer compensation period for people over 55,” thunders Bruno Le Maire, who pretends to forget that this provision is precisely intended to compensate for the greater difficulties of the elderly in finding work.

260,000 unemployed people over the age of 55

“However, I assure you that I receive job offers every day for 9,000 euros per month,” Philippe continues, never too late for a joke. Humor in his situation is not coquetry, but a survival reflex, a shield that he carries with him like a second skin in the face of administrative bullying and generous employers.

Since 2016, he has been registered with the Pôle emploi, but he has never been counted among the unemployed category A (those who did not perform any activity during the month). “I’m not part of the first leaguehe notes with irony. I move between category B and C depending on the number of hours worked. » In recent months, Philippe has not been picky: whether he is substituting for a supermarket clerk for a short time, moving furniture in an insurance company or working in a 3×8 in industry, the fifty-year-old man accepts all temporary tasks.

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