Personal and professional development: the Accenture model

In the winter of 2022-2023, Astrid, a manager specializing in change management at Accenture, one of the world leaders in consulting and technology, took advantage of personal leave. At the age of 29, she flew to South America for three months on a fabulous solo trip while taking part of her salary! “It’s a project I’ve had in mind for a long time. This vacation was a great opportunity. I saw an incredible landscape, met dozens of people, took a step back… And came back to the office full of energy, more motivated than ever.”

Because that is one of the goals of this personnel policy: to offer employees a break that allows them to carry out a project that is close to their heart. Accenture, which has made well-being at work one of its commitments, is one of the very rare companies that allows its employees to take a leave of absence for several months while receiving part of their salary. And that’s in addition to their traditional paid time off.

From 5 years of service, employees can request to take advantage of this benefit and therefore leave for 1 to 3 months, all while paying 50%. The projects are diverse and varied: devoting time to the development of their children, traveling the world, creating a permaculture farm or even a collection of paintings…

Since the launch of the initiative in 2021, several employees have used the system with upstream and return support. The feedback is very positive, both for the employee who benefits from it and for their teams: “Returning to work is very pleasant! My team received me very well. I felt at home, comfortable with my subjects, yet still excited about my beginnings! », comments Astrid. “All projects are welcome and feedback can be found on our LinkedIn and Instagram pages,” the group elaborates.

Wellbeing and training

This highly innovative system is just one example of Accenture’s corporate culture. “From an HR perspective, we have two pillars: the well-being of our employees and training,” summarizes the group. Here too, Astrid is a perfect example. She joined Accenture to complete her final internship and complete her Masters in Consulting and International Strategic Management, which she completed at university. From there, she continued to build her career with the personalized support that every employee benefits from. After her internship, Astrid held the position of junior and then senior consultant before becoming a manager.

To do this, she used the informed advice of her “People Lead”, an employee who supports and advises other employees in their careers: “At Accenture, every employee has a manager who follows their career and intervenes in discussions about annual performance reports. , Astrid elaborates. Mine has greatly contributed to my development towards a managerial position by giving me daily advice, encouraging me to develop etc. “.

At the same time, Astrid was able to attend some of the numerous trainings (online or in person) that the group offered. “Joining the company gives you access to a very wide range of training on very diverse topics for all employees: certified and non-certified, soft and hard skills… It can be training that increases its technology quotient (around the cloud, AI, blockchain) , training in creativity and thinking methods (agile, design-thinking, etc.), on ethical, environmental and social issues (Fresque du climate, sustainability, etc.) or on topics of diversity, skills, personal management (managing your agenda, your possession body, your pitching style, etc.),” the group explains. Thanks to this, Astrid could continue to acquire skills, especially in the area of ​​Change Management, and thus offer new innovative solutions for the clients she supports.

Astrid, originally a consultant for clients in the energy sector, now puts her experience at the service of a famous house in the luxury sector: “I support change management in all its aspects: impact analysis, strategy definition, communication, training, etc. It’s exciting”. Seven years after joining the group, Astrid says that she is fully fulfilled in her company and at the same time has a balance between private and professional life.

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