Miss Tic, M.Chat, Nasty, the biggest names in street art are exhibited in Lisieux in a temporary gallery

Located in the center of Lisieux (Calvados), the gallery offers for sale original works and screen prints by sixteen artists ranging from 200 to 6,000 euros.

When street art comes to the house… Like every year for the last 3 years, Guy Moch, passionate about urban art based in Lisieux in Calavados, organizes a sales exhibition in a pop-up gallery in the city center.

Miss Tic, but also Mr. Cat Homek or 2Flui, unique works by sixteen international or local artists are on sale until December 24, 2023.

From 200 to 6000 euros

Colors took over the walls of the small GM Arts Gallery in Lisieux. Colors and unique universes straight from the imagination of Miss Tic, M. Chat, Nasty or even Moscow. Ultra famous street artists you can take home. These original works are reproduced using a screen printing or lithography process. “This prepared work allows them to go to galleries or institutions, but above all to individuals and collectors, because they are like everyone else, they need to live,” smiles gallery owner Guy Mocch.

Miss Tic's work for sale at the GM Arts gallery in Lisieux (Calvados) (France 3 Normandy)

In addition to famous signatures, we also find Norman artists such as Artiste Ouvrier, Adey and Homek, who presents a special series about childhood. Prices range from 200 to 6,000 euros, the most expensive being an original work by Thomas Vuille and his famous Mr. Cat, displayed in the window.“He gave life and character to a huge yellow spot, reminiscent of the Cobra movement, which always started from a task and a theme,” explains Guy Mocch.

A signing day is scheduled for Sunday, December 17, with Homek and 2flui in attendance, who will create the work live.

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