The Pol Lemais gallery dedicated to outsider art opens its doors in Toulouse

The aerodynamic works of Gérard Cambon, who made a career in ministries in Paris, occupy a place in the window of the Pol Lemais gallery in Toulouse. This selection can be discovered until January 20 and will continue with an exhibition that will be 100% dedicated to it.

With the inauguration, a new wind is blowing in the heart of Toulouse Pol Lemais Gallery, a space dedicated to art brut, an artistic movement rarely highlighted in France.

The first exhibition brings together the creations of 14 French artists and from all over the world, a real artistic melting pot. This gallery showcases inclusive art that welcomes artists with disabilities. It is art without rules, an invitation to give free rein to boundless imagination. The unconventional works exhibited here confirm the vision of gallery owner Pol Lemais about the importance of highlighting this unique art that draws its roots from the authenticity of each person. “When creators make outsider art, they’re self-taught, completely free, and that’s where innovation and things that are unusual happen.”explains.

A new exhibition space has just opened its doors in the center of Toulouse.  A place dedicated to outsider art, unusual in France.  (France 3)

Cultivate your ignorance

Among the talents on display, Gérard Cambon emerges from a past life. After a 35-year career in Paris ministries, he returned to Toulouse, his hometown, full of newfound creative energy. His retirement becomes an artistic adventure. He transforms an initially empty room into a workshop teeming with objects and ideas.

“I never practiced, I never went to school, but I enjoy making assemblages from heterogeneous materials. I have no limits, no references. I even cultivate my artistic lack of culture.”

Gérard Cambon, artist

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Art brut, defined by Jean Dubuffet in 1945, finds its essence in the spontaneous creation of people without artistic education, working independently, without real awareness of their artistic approach.

The art of the unculture

The collective exhibition will last until January 20, before the new exhibition will be opened, which will be entirely dedicated to Gérard Cambon.

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