A Tesla robot goes berserk and seriously injures a factory worker in Texas

This is a case that goes back to 2021, but has only just come to light. In November of that year, a Tesla engineer was attacked by a robot after the machine suddenly malfunctioned, the Daily Mail reports.

British media obtained a report filed by Travis County and federal agencies that said the man, who was programming software for disabled robots at the time, was cornered by the robot, which drove metal claws into his back and arms, leaving a “bloody trail.” “in factory.

The incident, which caused an “open wound” to the engineer’s left hand, is embarrassing for Tesla because it happened at a time when robots were being interrogated in factories, and because Tesla has to report the details of these incidents every year to the Texas authorities to maintain tax benefits.

A worker dies while building a factory

The American car company assures in the injury report that its employee did not need time off after this accident. But according to Hannah Alexander, an attorney with the Workers Defense Project, which represents some gigafactory workers, incidents of this type are more common than reported. He even mentions the death of a construction worker during the construction of the factory in September 2021.

“We have seen numerous injuries to workers,” she told the Daily Mail: “A worker died and his injuries and death are not included in these reports that Tesla has to accurately fill out and submit to the county to receive tax benefits. »

The November 2021 report on this attack provides very little detail about this bot attack. He mentions a “laceration, a cut and an open wound” caused by a “robot”.

Tesla employees get hurt more than anywhere else

Two witnesses at the scene told The Information reporters that the engineer struggled to escape the robot’s grip until one of them pressed the stop button. Once fired, the employee fell, leaving a “bloody trail” behind him.

The incident highlights a trend where Tesla’s Texas factory is outpacing the rest of the auto industry in accidents serious enough to require a shutdown. According to The Information, nearly one in 21 workers would be injured at that factory in 2022, compared to a median of one in 30 workers.

For more serious injuries, that ratio would rise to about one in 26 factory workers in 2022, compared to one in 38 workers at other major U.S. automakers.

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