A universal mobile phone charger will be mandatory by the end of 2024

It’s a topic that comes up regularly without ever really materializing: the universal charger. Already in 2009, the European Union undertook to introduce a compatible charging system for all mobile phones within three years. But that was without the inertia of administrations and especially the lobbying of manufacturers. So it took more than ten years before such a system finally saw the light of day.

It is this Thursday that the decree and its implementing regulation must appear in the Official Journal, the Directorate General of Enterprise (DGE), which transposes European regulations into French law, tells us. This imposes the universal charger principle on all phone models and brands.

But beware: only from December 28, 2024. So we will have to wait another year before we see phones equipped with a single USB-C port in stores. Whether they are manufactured by Samsung, Apple, Google, Xiaomi, Huawei or other industrial giants…

Computers will wait until April 2026

Some of them took the lead. Apple’s latest addition, the iPhone 15, as well as the Apple Watch Series 9, introduced a few weeks ago, are already equipped with this socket, as well as the latest models of Apple laptops and tablets.

“The aim of this new regulation is in particular to prevent thousands of tons of e-waste,” we explain the DGE attached to Bercy. It will also make life easier for hundreds of millions of users across the continent. According to the European Commission, 38% of consumers said that they had failed to charge their mobile phone at least once due to compatibility issues.

VIDEO. Phones: EU to introduce single charger for manufacturers in 2024, including Apple

“This new regulation should also allow European consumers to save 250 million euros every year by preventing them from buying unnecessary chargers,” the DGE continues, citing Commission data. On the other hand, you will have to be a little more patient with computers. A universal charger for this type of device will be mandatory until April 26, 2026.

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