Jeanne Mas: Who is her famous daughter?

French-American singer Jeanne Mas will soon return to the stage in France, on the occasion of his 40 years of songs. The symbolic artist of the 80s will be at the Casino de Paris in February 2024 and also at the Trianon in 2025. Before star will sing on the set of Star Academy this Saturday, December 30. Audiences will rediscover this very familiar face who had a great career in France. What we know less, however, is that his daughter, Victoria Mas, also developed in the art world and he is also famous.

Jeanne Mas: who is her famous daughter, Victoria Mas?

Singer Jeanne Mas gave birth to little Victoria in 1987. She spent part of her childhood in the south of France, far from her mother’s media. She then went to live in California with her mother for several years. There, studies cinematography and Anglo-American literaturebefore returning to France. He embarks on a degree in languages ​​and literature and an M.A. in modern literature from the Sorbonne.

Victoria Mas has literary talent and publishes his first novel, Ball of fools in 2019. This book was a great literary success. The young woman received the main Stanislas prize for the first novel, the Première Plume prize and the Patrimoines BPE5 prize.. The writer was also selected for the Femina and Renaudot awards. The work was adapted a few years later for a film by Mélanie Laurent. In 2022, Victoria Mas Miracle, published by Editions Albin Michel, his second novel.

Jeanne Mas back on the French stage

After a great career in the early 80s. Jeanne Mas went into exile in the United States shortly after the birth of her children. But the successful singer decided to return to the stage in 2024 and 2025, to the delight of her fans, to celebrate 40 years of her musical career. Jeanne Mas will sing this Saturday, December 30 “In Red and Black”, in a duet with Héléna, on prim star academy.

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