a mobile museum exhibiting works from the Center Pompidou travels the roads of France

Around twenty original works were loaded onto a lorry to be presented around France. This project, called MuMo, a mobile museum, was in Verdun this week.

Center Pompidou mobile museum "Caravan of freaks" in Verdun.  (JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN/AFP)

A truck and a large trailer sit in the Verdun school parking lot, which is unoccupied during the holidays. Once the latter is deployed, the actual museum room of approximately 45 square meters is preceded by a red inlet air chamber. On Wednesday, January 3 at 4 p.m., when the museum is to open its doors to the public, around ten people are already waiting, impatient to discover what this so-called exhibition contains. Caravan of freaks. City resident Myriam Stellato never had the opportunity to visit the Center Pompidou in Paris. “If he gets around a bit in a moving truck, it might be interesting to go see the works,” explains AFP.

In general, this 68-year-old pensioner finds it difficult to go to museums, especially in Paris: “There is travel that is always a bit problematic,” she says. But, “the museum comes to us”. Marie-Claire Louis, 71, of Verdun, says yes “interpellated” the mobile museum concept she found “well furnished, well designed”, while she has “no chance to go to Paris or Center Pompidou all the time.” Michelle Périchon, also retired but expected to appear “more works”, even if “It would be a commotion in a place like this.

Social dimension

Ingrid Brochard, founder of the first mobile museum (MuMo) about fifteen years ago, explains the genesis of this project: “When I was little, I lived in the countryside and didn’t have the opportunity to go to the museum, the theater, the opera… On the other hand, I was impatiently waiting for the Bookmobile” a truck arrives to lend books to children. Then the idea was born to reproduce the concept with a museum truck that would come to rural areas: “Children don’t come to the museum, but the museum comes to them.”

Children visit

The truck will also deliver “social dimension”, Or “the whole neighborhood is invited to come and discuss the artworks”, continues Ingrid Brochard. “Some children or even he don’t necessarily have the opportunity, the privilege, to go to Paris, to the Center Pompidou, to see the works,” agrees Fabrice Perrin, director of the nearby leisure center where MuMo discovered around twenty children on Wednesday. in Verdun, “We Have Other Art Forms” like music but “it’s quite innovative” obligation “this kind of art” modern and contemporary, adds Fabrice Perrin. The mobile museum makes 30% of its stops in cities with up to 2,500 inhabitants.

Free discovery

The mobile museum also aims at neighborhoods perceived as sensitive and “where the demand is”, explains Ingrid Brochard. Activities with children and days open to the public are always free. “One of the obstacles that prevent people from visiting a museum is the price, in addition to the geographical distance and the “psychological barrier”. according to the founder.

At MuMo, there is no explanatory label next to the works to allow anyone to explore them freely, but there are mediators present to answer questions. The trailer transporting this museum room, where the works remain attached even when folded while driving, has been specially designed and must meet the hygiene and safety standards necessary for transporting the works. It only cost €600,000 and was funded by MuMo’s patron, Art Explora.

The operating costs of this traveling museum are covered by the state and local authorities. After visiting the Vosges, Marseille, Aube and Meuse, MuMo will end its autumn tour on January 13 in Massy, ​​Essonne, before visiting other regions of France with a new exhibition.

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