the magic wand of the CES electronics show

On the eve of the CES fair Exhibition of consumer electronics, the most important new technology show in the world, some exhibitors had the honor of previewing their new products. The opportunity to observe certain trends in the high-tech market, including one inevitable: artificial intelligence, which will be available in all technological variants this year 2024. Follow our special correspondent in Las Vegas.

CES is this new technology show that brings together more than 4,000 exhibitors in Las Vegas, including 1,200 starting up. Exclusively presenting the technology products that will flood the market this year, this gigantic exhibition will welcome approximately 130,000 visitors on an area equivalent to more than 19 hectares (almost 42 American football fields). Every year, always shortly before the start of the exhibition, some exhibitors have the opportunity to present their products before the official opening. There’s Unveil and there’s Pepcom. At Unveil, RFI found some of the other exhibitors at Eureka Park, in a dedicated space starting up and where French Tech regularly applies. They present their innovations and inevitably, artificial intelligence is everywhere. We were amazed by this discovery by CEA, which was both futuristic and fundamental: the possibility, through an implant placed in the brain, to enable the disabled to walk or, in the case of severe pathologies, to regain certain abilities. Summary by Guillaume Charvet, Head of the Brain-Machine Program at CEA: “ He is a mended rather than an enlarged man » (referring to Neuralink, a company in the same field backed by Elon Musk).

WiFi waves to protect the elderly

After walking for more than an hour in the nooks and crannies of this huge room turned into a labyrinth, we still feel a certain technological vertigo before this unusual fair, with the competitive side of Lépin high tech. It’s simultaneously very serious, genuinely engaging, and also sometimes terribly vain.

We smiled at ultra-connected toothbrushes. Every year there are new models at the show that clean with sound vibrations for this edition. We can notice that this artificial intelligence (AI), which everyone is talking about now, has found greedy consumers at the show, even experts who use it to make their creations ever more efficient.

Especially through the use of wifi waves to protect the elderly. Explanation: in the rooms of the house, as usual, wifi is broadcast, but this time only through two electrical outlets, the movement of the “guarded” person is analyzed by AI every day. This will notify contact persons in case of discontinuous movement of the elderly person himself (fall or other). No need for a bracelet or an anxiety-inducing technique anymore… (a technique offered by Nami and French in Zoe care).

Jerome Leroy from Nami (Singapore) explains below how we can use wifi waves to effectively protect the elderly.

L’IOT Internet of Things changed class and gained intelligence

Another story of AI and applications with these inserts that will allow diabetics to make accurate diagnoses of possible diseases. Almost with astonishment, the exhibitors from SoleCooler explain this (they also have heated insoles thanks to the energy of the steps). ” We had sensors. Now there’s AI and diabetics have been asking us for it, we’ve got a straight answer. » We understand, that’s right IOT Internet of Things from a few years ago who changed class and gains intelligence. At the time, after the excitement, we were inevitably left with doubts: yes, it’s connected, but what’s the point? This time, AI justification is extremely effective. Is this the idea of ​​a peaceful future with AI? Get quick answers to complicated or previously unsolvable problems.

CES 2024, AI for all…

At the stand of Withings, pioneers and often leaders of health-related objects, BeamO is presented, which we can no longer call connected, because it is ultra-intelligent in terms of health diagnostics. The device serves as an electrocardiogram, thermometer, stethoscope and also measures SpO2 (pulse oxygen saturation). It is practical and effective for diagnoses to be shared confidentially with your doctor.

Behind the BMind mirror from Baracoda, another AI, but this time for the diagnosis of difficult life episodes (depression or fatigue). After observing, the artificial intelligence will then enter into a dialogue to help you get back on track. This AI is conversational and nice, isn’t it?

Will magic finally appear at CES?

CES is a bit of a world cup for new technologies », laughed Greg Shapiro, founder of the event, during the press conference. In any case, at this show (and in Las Vegas in general), it’s like we have the right to believe in magic again, in this untouchable dream of success.

Even if Las Vegas is a city that is both ugly and bright, even if this dream on a planetary scale seems to be compromised in terms of the environment, and even if it seems that all the stories have always been written, at CES the magic will finally emerge ? Singer Barry Manilow (80) will soon resume a series of concerts in Las Vegas. We’d love to hear him sing about his success that makes you want to believe in magic: It could finally be magic ? Now that could be magic ?

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