At CES 2024, transparency and the inevitable marriage with AI

The electronics show in Las Vegas, the famous CES, is haunted by a presence that could surpass all expectations: AI. It represents an unexpected added value to make the wildest dreams of manufacturers come true. It’s AI in every way on every stand. In the kitchen, the living room, the car, for health, this discrete algorithm promises unmatched results.

CES is traditionally the time when big brands unveil their newly manufactured products. All the home appliances of the coming year are on display for four days in Las Vegas, Nevada. Historically, the show has not been glamorous, and Vegas has been the ideal destination to bring and dream potential buyers (department stores), but also future product representatives, famous vacuum cleaner salesmen who will change your life. and why not a television with a remote control? It’s a gift…” In short, we had to fit in, that is, sell, all these new products! This commercial world from before remains very much present, even if the arguments have changed. Let’s explore the news of this year 2024.

The TV screen became transparent

Television and refrigerator manufacturers reign supreme in this show. Normal, they are the ones who have the most to sell in the coming year. In LG, the TV screen became transparent, but yes! And the fridge changes color according to your mood, we’re not making this up! As for Samsung, the TV screen is also transparent, an 8k quality rear projector and is highlighted by an amazing picture frame that turns out to be a music speaker. With a very environmentally responsible stand, Panasonic offers ideas on how to better respect the environment while being an efficient and useful manufacturer. Note that LG, a home appliance manufacturer, also introduces a car model. From the fridge to the car, there are no limits…

nyone who confidently predicts who will stand out from this gigantic supermarket in 2024 is a liar. Anyone who doesn’t tell you about AI is missing the point. While the one who just screamed exciting! AND amazing! non stop by my side, well, he’s an American. Let’s keep some European phlegm and analyze that what makes many people say and think that 2024 is the year of the big CES is that products and technology go hand in hand this time thanks to artificial intelligence that simplifies routines and offers potential in use. .

Artificial intelligence algorithms could be on their way to redefining humans

Just before the big brands, we crossed the health section of the show. These feats are astounding, especially for Xandar Kardian, who uses a system of radar waves (not wifi this time) to detect a person’s emotions, movements, heart rate and temperature contactlessly and without a wearable device. details of their vital signs to send a long-term diagnosis. This technique is similar to that used in airports to analyze the crowd, but it is home automation. Due to the fentanyl crisis in the United States, their technique won awards for tracking addicts held in the prison system. Right next to Withings, it presents its BeamO product and a series of connected objects dedicated to health analysis. Almost everywhere in this wing of the living room, the efficiency is surprising, even confusing. Rapid, non-invasive blood sugar tests for diabetics in Ortiv, Korea. Vivoo offers a urine analysis kit that allows you to find out your deficiencies in certain nutrients in 90 seconds, and then through the app and AI, get a complete nutritional program to compensate for the deficiencies. Multiple diagnoses (skeleton, health, sleep, etc.) on the popular Korean Ceragem just by laying down in bed lined with sensors and with the necessary AI. Which makes us think that the latter algorithms could be in the process of redefining humans, in any case, they could significantly help them act better in the field of health, individually or even in society. As summed up in the fair’s slogan: Everything is autonomous, connected, sustainable and software-defined.

Slogan of one CES section. 

The inevitable connection of almost all products with artificial intelligence

A discreet ring (Mudra or Ringconn) placed on the finger allows you to play in virtual reality (it’s basic) but also to have accurate health diagnoses. Just nine years ago, this ring seemed like a gadget worthy of a sci-fi movie. The AI ​​algorithms make it a revolutionary and salable object, which we see displayed and offered at the Chinese manufacturer’s stand just behind it. It is available in all styles, the electronic chip is inside to collect data, only the design and AI algorithm changes between brands. So, in the Korean part of the Eureka space, we could observe the same type of ring on the Vtouch, but this time it is supposed to serve as a phone to whisper in the ear of its correspondent, they say. Their little stall is stunning, as is the whole Korean section, we’ll be back for more. These multi-purpose rings are a symbol of the inevitable connection of almost all products with artificial intelligence.

The ring that connects the AI ​​and its consumer.
The ring that connects the AI ​​and its consumer. 

In short: Metaversion and virtual reality seem to be slowly disappearing (with the exception of games) in front of augmented reality and the glasses that go with it.

On the product side, a curious trend of retro-looking keyboards and very kawaii accessories.

Cuckoo !

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