A monumental sculpture of skulls of extinct species invaded the gardens of the museum in Toulouse

Titled “ICI, Light on Extinct Species,” this impressive installation is a memorial to the animal species that have disappeared during the Anthropocene.

A conical structure five meters high and three meters wide all covered in animal skulls took place in the shadow of the Toulouse Museum in the Borderouge district. This monumental installation created by four visual artists is both a statement of the sixth extinction and a celebration of life.

This masterful installation entitled “ICI, light on extinct species” is the work of the collective Les Crâneuses and the association La Vallée Spacious. With this powerful sculpture, four visual artists intend to pay tribute to animal species that are threatened with extinction. “Two-thirds of wildlife has disappeared in less than fifty years. So we wanted to make this monument an ecological, artistic and political act at the same time, and hope that it can touch other people.” explains Catherine Connan, visual artist.

Artists hung more than 800 skulls of about fifty species of animals, insects, reptiles and corals on this pyramid. “We started our collection three years ago thanks to taxidermists, farmers and anonymous people who were touched by the project,” reports Marion Decoust, project coordinator.

The quartet then enlisted a lighting designer and sound engineer to bring their memorial to life. The cone is lit from within and plays a looping soundtrack of animal cries and wails. A long list of extinct animals stretches from the top of the structure to the ground.

“HERE, light on extinct species” in the gardens of the Toulouse museum in the Borderouge district.

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