Extraordinary and absurd, CES 2024 will not disappoint

CES is a special show, oriented both towards mass distribution products and a showcase for the most outlandish ideas in search of market opportunities. Supply often creates demand, it’s a law in economics. So, next to the monster of mass distribution, curious and very strange seeds believe in their success.

This year, the stands of big brands are often organized as an enclosed space or an amusement park. At Sony, you enter by walking across a white carpet in what has been laid out as a huge living room. On the one hand, the iconic products of the brand and also almost everywhere and with equal importance PlayStation video games, renowned films and also a car in collaboration with Honda… These are no longer simple products, but a total experience that is offered, from the carpet to the games on the screen to after traveling by vehicle. This bond, this strong bond of consumers addicted to brand products is felt even more strongly in Samsung and its related objects. Moreover, customers have never been so enthralled when they buy a branded product. Television? And the refrigerator connected to the TV and the subscription to the program package that goes with it?

Walls, difficult access, not very open source, all of it

This method is somewhat reminiscent of the stands of the biggest brands, because this area surrounded by three-meter high walls can still be called a stand, like an immense fortress that can only be entered through a small entrance. The exit is as discreet as if we were never going anywhere else. What matters is the experience and this moment of attention that the consumer paid to the brand. Walls, difficult access, not much open source all of that, right? In addition, the big challenge for consumers now will be to connect all their favorite products, from the car to the lock on the front door, once they get home. Samsung boasts that it has achieved this, but only with its own brand products, but when you’ve bought a Philips, a Nest box and a Samsung lock, what can you do? ” There is a Jeedom app, the exponent slips us, It works very well. When I come home with my car, as soon as I walk through the gate, the doors open and the lights come on according to the script I programmed. The heating too or the blinds open, but you still have to be a bit of a geek to pull it off “, he smiles. Promises to achieve everything with AI are still promises, we’ll see in a few months…

It is difficult to differentiate between reality and virtual

Korean microprocessor maker SK Hynix isn’t even trying to show off its products at CES (QR codes do the trick in certain booth locations), but it’s offering an experience worthy of a theme park. It is quite surprising with a storm of colors Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with a serious theme of ecology and well-being. We are selling a slightly crazy, even unconventional experience here, and the expression “selling a dream” gets its full meaning. SK is one of South Korea’s largest conglomerates in the chemical, industrial, telecommunication, financial, hotel and more than ten years after the acquisition of Hynix and semiconductors. It is a necessary part of the operation of computers and graphics cards for AI.

The equally spectacular approach of Korean Lotte, where the DJ moves behind the green screen and is integrated into the atmosphere of the football stadium above his performance. It will become increasingly difficult to distinguish between reality and virtuality. The view placed again on the DJ isolated in front of the green background becomes different, it gets a sense of relief, we feel a real distortion of reality.

“It’s All Strange”

And the hologram presentations are just as interesting, check out the video below. When a gentleman of a certain age first enjoys dancing in front of the camera, a hologram model of him is projected a few meters nearby. He leaves the image and it’s a hologram of him replaying the same scene, but this time through the Snapchat filter that saved him years. Eventually, the two “really” man and hologram come together and… it’s weird when you think about it.

Strange, this is also what the visitor said to his wife as he left the Amazon’s room in the Venitian: ” this is all weird ” he stated as he walked through the exit. Before that, he entered a suite in a hotel furnished by Amazon. Above the front door, a slogan worthy of the Coué method: better every day (better every day). We walk through this suite and walk through a kind of living room with an ultra-thick carpet, then a bedroom whose decoration is most certainly entrusted to AI, then a kitchen with no food to cook, only products to order from Amazon, functions to control. Through Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, we learn about the American brand’s partnerships with Panasonic, BMW, Siemens and, of course, always with that strong dose of AI…” It’s all strange ” concluded this gentleman. ” How strange is that »…

Together we innovate, that’s one of the slogans of the CES area dedicated to cars. 

In a nutshell

Two products show you can’t escape AI. First, this rabbit r1 assistant, which is counted as a partner and not a replacement for the phone. The idea: keep your phone in your pocket and simplify interactions for all online orders, online searches… you can also express them by voice and the r1 rabbit will answer you… AI behaves like a human and that is why it is different from “a simple voice assistant, which runs applications. More than 10,000 copies have already been sold.

And this little robot 2XCL (i.eabout excel i.e. Excel), which is supposed to be the best friend of children from 4 years old. It works by voice, with AI that lets you learn your native language.

It’s the year of transparency at CES, but never have the images been so well defined, or even remotely projected. These feats are astounding when Samsung offers an 8k ultra-short throw video projector, while Xgimi offers IMAX Enhance quality video projectors, which is amazing.

And a demonstration of Unitree’s GO2 robot capabilities, also quite strange, definitely…

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