At the new technology fair, South Korea wins with a K-pop tune

For several years, South Korea has become a leader in new technologies for designers, manufacturers and users… And it was at the CES fair in Las Vegas that the country decided to celebrate its success on a quiet morning. South Korea is exhibited almost everywhere at this American exhibition with a worldwide reputation, to the delight of visitors.

South Korea is omnipresent at CES, even dominant, from the stands of big brands (Samsung, SK, LG, HD Hyundai, KIA or Lotte) to the Eureka space dedicated to start-ups. This year, the country is breaking its record for presence in Las Vegas: almost 550 companies made the trip, from the biggest groups to small start-ups! It’s simple, South Korea ranks third behind the United States and China in terms of presence at this show.

G-Dragon, the “King of K-Pop”, comes to test Samsung’s latest products

When a delegation of South Korean officials arrives in the aisles of the show, it’s a bit of a ruckus. And the excitement and joy is even greater when the K-pop singer and last but not least G-Dragon, nicknamed the “King of K-pop”, comes to test the latest Samsung products, but also the games of the SK booth and inevitably take a photo va Photo booth. ” When they saw him arrive with his entourage, everyone thought they were going to meet the president of Samsung » laughed a TikTok user.

The spirit of South Korea is a breath of fresh air at this new tech expo that has suffered cruelly from the Covid crisis. It’s also a very different energy from the moribund stalls of a decade ago of Chinese manufacturers who seemed lonely, certainly dominant, but a bit lost in their approach to this market, both ethically and culturally. New technologies have a global impact and Korean momentum seems crazy, even unstoppable, like this KPop that has invaded the planet. The living room is changed, more joyful and crazy at SK and Lotte, very technical and futuristic at Samsung or Xdeep, the manufacturer of microprocessors. And with a change in attitude towards the environment, strong environmental options are displayed at the entrance of every South Korean stall. We want to take each of them literally in terms of promises of sustainability or responsible consumption…

Strong ecologically responsible orientation

The same spirit in Eureka space. Most Korean startups receive a Price for innovation showed a strong ecologically responsible orientation. So with the start-up Airfarm (a farm that can be established in risky areas or in food crisis situations) or Repla (which promises to increase efficiency in the field of plastic recycling). In the Eureka space, Korean excitement is wonderfully organized and presented with easy-to-understand logic. And before the ideas of almost every start-up, we feel a real potential in future development, not only about (in America we say bullshit): no, Korean entrepreneurs did not come for fun, but to move the sector forward. This exceptional dynamism is perhaps fueled by the fact that we have economic engines like the Samsung lab, powerful regions that support them, and globally prestigious universities in the field of new technologies (Gyeongbuk Center, Daejon, Incheon Startup Park nicknamed the Silicon Korean Valley or the city of Daegu’s support of this movement) . Almost 90% of the awarded start-ups have been on the market for less than seven years, which shows their potential.

In the Eureka space, most of the Korean startups that received innovation awards showed a strong ecologically responsible orientation. 

A mini theater performance to introduce the personal assistant Ballie

Convention Center giant Samsung leads this dance, a technological K-pop choreography with a slogan that could be the title of a popular song: AI for all, artificial intelligence for all. Results at the brand stand, impressive demos, a mini-game to showcase the Ballie personal assistant. It is a kind of large tennis ball that, thanks to its LiDAR sensors, autonomously rolls around the floor of the house and performs basic tasks, while being supported by artificial intelligence. Enthusiastic applause from the audience at the end of the presentation.

SK and Lotte direct this joyous excess of K-pop inspiration. Nearby, in the Convention Center, DeepX, a company specializing in semiconductors for AI, apparently left everyone in the industry behind. It won three awards in three categories – computer hardware, embedded technology and robotics. In an ultra-competitive and highly innovative market, DeepX offers semiconductors that use less power but are just as fast or even more efficient.

During the first days of the show, they were full of customers, they reported. This is what CES is for.

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