An unusual recipe for Louis XV hot chocolate

AT THE KINGS’ TABLE – Hot chocolate lover, King Louis XV. he drank it with a very unusual ingredient.

Hot chocolate was already drunk in the French court in these periods of extreme cold. Anne of Austria, who, although her name might not suggest it, was the daughter of King Philip III of Spain, brought this drink with her when she came to marry the future King Louis XIII in 1615. The Kingdom of Spain discovered cacao in the 16th century, when the conquistador Hernan Cortés, who took over the Aztec Empire in the name of Charles V in 1521-1522, brought it from present-day Mexico.

Hot chocolate, popularized during the reign of Louis XIV, remained in the habits of his successors. Among them, his great-grandson is considered the sovereign who was the biggest fan. It is said that Louis XV. he prepared alone in his small private apartments according to a recipe peculiar to himself. The monarch actually added egg yolk to the chocolate lozenges and water to his preparation.

Yolk or whipped egg white

The recipe for hot chocolate, as Louis XV drank it, has survived the ages. It appears in the 1755 work “Les Soupers de la Cour, or The Art of Preparing All Kinds of Food to Serve the Best Tables According to the Four Seasons” by French culinary author Joseph Menon. This can be found on the Château de Versailles website as follows:

“You put as many chocolate bars as there are cups of water into the coffee maker and boil them over low heat for a few minutes; when you are ready to serve, you add one yolk to four cups and stir it with a stick over low heat without boiling. If you make it the day before for the next day, it is better, those who take it every day leave a little leaven for the one they make the next day; instead of the yolk, you can add a beaten egg white after removing the first foam, dilute it in a little chocolate from the one in the coffee maker and put it in the coffee maker and finish as with the yolk. »

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