“Urban Sketchers”, a new American trend emerging in Lorient

The American “Urban Sketchers” movement is exported to France. He has more and more fans in Lorient. Today, more than 150 members explore the city together, reproduce it on paper and share their passion for drawing.

The “Urban Sketchers” movement – the translation of “urban sketches” into French – was born in 2007 in the state of Washington in the United States of America. Today it is exported to several cities in France. The principle is simple: with pencil, pen, paint or not, you have two hours to depict on paper exactly what is in front of you.

In Lorient, Gérard is a lover of ships. Sketches, draws or paints anything that has one or more shells. At the beginning of 2024, he is exhibiting around forty drawings in the media library of Port-Louis. Works recently produced, the vast majority in the technical area of ​​the port of Lorient, together with their friends urban sketchers.

Urban Skecthers in Lorient draw inspiration from the urban environment for design
There are over 150 members in Lorient who meet every week to share their passion for drawing. Among them Hélène found what she was looking for: “We’re a good little bunch, we encourage each other. When we’re down, we get together. It’s a great opportunity to meet people.” With a common passion for drawing, everyone comes with their own style, their own sensibility, their own point of view. For many, drawing in a group is more enjoyable, drawing is a great tool for them to share: “What’s interesting is that when we travel, we can easily contact people who are members of the movement in other cities and join in. It’s a great opportunity to discover different styles and types of drawings.”, Gérard explains.

Drawings that over time become witnesses of a time, a building, a neighborhood or an atmosphere. They are visible on the social networks of the community.

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