Alain Delon: “The judge can come back to it”, this detail about his will that may disturb his children’s inheritance

Since a few weeks, Alain Delon’s three children are torn over their father’s health. If Anthony and Alain-Fabien Delon want the actor to stay in Douchy, his daughter Anouchka Delon would like him to be able to come to Switzerland, where he lives, to receive treatment. As for the actor’s succession, Alain Delon would choose to give 25% to each of his sons and 50% to his daughter.
However, everything could be questioned here again. Indeed, according to our colleagues at Parisianwhoever looked into this legacy, one element in particular should be explored and could turn everything upside down.

This is the date of Alain Delon’s last will and testament. “Alain Delon has the right to be closer to his daughter and allocate her a disposable part in addition to his share of the inheritance reserve.”, originally analyzed by Valérie Bentz, head of heritage studies at UFF, a wealth management consultancy bank.
But if this decision was made late, at a time when the actor was considered a vulnerable person, the two other sons have the right to challenge this division and the judge can reconsider it.” Depending on this, the inheritance could be divided into three equal parts.

Alain Delon has the right to give 50% of his inheritance to his daughter

By giving 50% of his inheritance to his daughter and 25% to his two sons, Alain Delon had his rights. In France, when there are three children, they each get 25% as a base. “But this quarter quota can be added to her daughter’s reserve quarter, which would make a total of 50% of the inheritance for Anouchka Delon.“, explained Jérôme Leprovaux, lecturer at the University of Caen and specialist in inheritance law.

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