ChatGPT: Peugeot will integrate artificial intelligence into its cars

He’s not the one driving the car yet. Peugeot announced this Tuesday that ChatGPT, a conversational bot equipped with generative artificial intelligence, will now be integrated “in all cars” of the Stellantis Group manufacturer.

“We will introduce ChatGPT in all cars, including the new e-3008, as well as small and compact commercial vehicles,” said Jérôme Micheron, Peugeot’s product director, during the press conference.

ChatGPT allows you to respond to the commands of Peugeot’s internal voice assistant. “Simply formulate your request orally for ChatGPT to respond in an enriched way,” the manufacturer says in a press release.

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“Generative AI can offer answers to specific questions, such as telling you which sights to visit in a city, introducing them and taking you there in coordination with a navigation system, but it can also enliven your journey with interactions. with passengers, give vent to your creativity,” continues Peugeot.

The French will benefit from this

The French will be among the first to benefit, with the country one of five pilot countries – along with the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. The feature will then be rolled out globally over the course of the year.

Peugeot is not the first to integrate ChatGPT into its cars. DS Automobiles equipped its DS3, DS4, DS7 and DS9 sedans with it, as did Volkswagen.

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