Avignonet-Lauragais. Avignonet Initiatives 2024 programme

The Avignonet Initiatives association held a general meeting this Saturday, January 28, in the grounds of the rural center. Releasing the 2023 report, rich in more than 16 events, President Françoise Bonhoure and Mayor Patricia Malmaison paid tribute to a large team of volunteers for their commitment to revitalizing local life.

There is a rich program in the 2024 menu

After that, the program for 2024 was detailed with a lot of projects: the summer festival and its three night markets are currently programmed with some new features that should not lack flavor; 2nd year of the book fair, which will be held on November 24; the essentials, such as the autumn fair and theater gatherings, as well as those offered monthly by the literary club Delitt or even Jean-François Pagès and Louis Ramon, who will now follow the itineraries of the excursionists who replaced Jean Barthas, who wished to stop this activity.

The election of the office also saw a small turn with the arrival of a new vice president in the person of Bruno Alasset.

Claude Amiel wanted to take a step back from this role and devote himself exclusively to the organization of the cassoulet competition, which will take place on March 23.

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