Calligraphy and street art, the world of Poze to discover at the exhibition in Bayonne at the Kaxu gallery

Under his line, faces and letters become one. The poser, whose real name is Yann Chatelin, mixes graffiti with calligraphy. His brilliant writing became his signature within a few years. His invented alphabets are inspired by several languages. “I mix Sanskrit and Arabic. I am trying to recreate the letters based on the Latin structure“, explains the artist.

Poze discovered drawing as a teenager and hasn’t let go of the brush since. After 15years of living in Morocco, he settled in BĂ©arn. These glittering murals are scattered everywhere. Bordeaux, Bayonne, Calais, but also Casablanca, Kathmandu… This time in the gallery he is putting together some of his creations for an exhibition in BayonneKax.

Disappearance of font

Baptized Scripto Sensu, invites reflection on the demise of handwriting in favor of digital technology. “People lose much of their ability to think, memorize and orient themselves. The aim is to show weakened men” explains Poze.

The graffiti artist relies on figures from the African-American struggle to construct his works. Like Gil Scott-Heron, musician, committed poet and considered by some to be one of the founders of rap. His monochrome portrait is covered in delicate handwritten letters. By her side, on a blue background, not far from Rosa, a smiling Angela Davis stands out parks aging.

Angela Davis, activist and icon of social struggles, award-winning artist Poz.  (POZE/FTV)

Angela Davis, activist and icon of social struggles, award-winning artist Poz. (POZE/FTV)A diversity of cultures is represented in the works. Whirling dervishes are immortalized between light and shadow, the faces of strangers in an urban environment invite resistance. Note that the artist’s ephemeral fresco can be discovered on the rue des Lisses, in Bayonne, as part exhibition.

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