Universal Music announces the withdrawal of its music catalog from the TikTok platform

TikTok, the micro-video social network, risks being very quiet in the coming days. In fact, Universal Music Group has announced that it is pulling its songs from the platform, Universal Music Group (UMG) does not agree with the remuneration offered by TikTok for the use of its music. The undisputed leader of the music industry worldwide, the master producer produces artists as famous as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Bad Bunny.

Goodbye Taylor Swift background noises on your holiday videos. TikTok has gone significantly quiet since this morning. The deal that linked the billion-user platform to the music industry’s biggest hit has expired and Universal Music pulled, accusing TikTok of not wanting to pay fair value for music, at the expense of creators.

Worse, according to Universal Music, TikTok tried to intimidate her into accepting a deal that was even less favorable to artists than the previous one. In a press release, the platform defended itself by pointing out the “greed” of Universal Music Group, which puts its interests before the interests of artists.

To which UMG replied that TikTok gave much less license fees than other platforms. Universal Music’s concerns about TikTok’s plans are also in the background of this battle. The network intends to launch a Spotify-like platform, but also produce artists and promote AI-generated music. Projects that have the gift to upset the French-Chinese-American major, which has a turnover of more than ten billion dollars.

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